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North America's Premier Network of Private Practice Optometrists

Dr. Saeed puts incredible diligence into patient care. I have never met a better educated optometrist nor one that cares as deeply as she does. She really knows her profession and in my opinion is the best eye doctor I’ve ever seen. I’ve been wearing glasses for 30 years so I know what I’m talking about. I am very active in all of my medical care and I never knew I might need an optometrist that would give me the level of care that I expect from other types of medical doctors. With Dr. Saeed, it’s not just a plug and chug exam but rather a comprehensive medical review. I have eye problems for years and I finally feel like I found someone that is going to work with me to help resolve them to the best of her ability. That’s more than I could ever hope for. A sincere thank you! (Aaron N)

I very much appreciate Dr. Saeed’s thoroughness and thoughtfulness. She clearly is very well educated and stays current with new developments and technology. (Sandra S)

I came into the office with extreme concern about my declining eyesight. The staff and Dr. Saeed went above and beyond to educate me and find a solution to my concerns. I have never gone to an appointment where the doctor even got involved in fitting my frames. The staff and company as a whole is impeccable. I am confident to say I have finally found my home base for my eye care needs. Outstanding morals and mission! Please keep up the impeccable work and continue being a positive example on proper patient care and guidance! (Monica B)

Dr. Saeed has done great with my daughter and I. She is very patient and thorough with exams and explaining things. Great selection of quality frames for the entire family. Highly recommended! (Ashley S) 

Thank you for the advice and assistance you have given me this year.  Your thoughtful and attentive care gave me confidence in my search for better health.  I'm grateful too for your consideration of my financial and insurance issues. (Nancy H)


Your eyes are very important. You should always trust a professional with your eyes and I have complete faith in this team.  Don't forget they have the cutest and latest frames in town!  (Flo W)



I appreciate my eye doctor knowing my name and being concerned about my health conditions and my personal life. She takes an active role in understanding my emotional health as well as my eye and physical health. Dr. Saeed genuinely cares for and about her patients. (Roberta S).



Everything was great!  Dr. Saeed is very knowledgeable and informative.  (Greg B)



The assistance in selecting my frames was very helpful since I cannot see without my glasses on.  Also the plugs to lubricate my dry eyes work so well and was such a simple, painless procedure.  (Sue F)