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Eyeglass framesDiscounts on Multiple Pairs of Eyeglasses


Do you own more than one pair of shoes?  Do you wear the same pair of shoes for a business meeting and a round of golf?  Ladies, do you wear the same pair of shoes with your jeans and your little black dress?  Do you always wear the same pair of eyeglasses?


Optimal Sight offers a 40% discount when more than one complete pair of spectacles (frames and lenses) is ordered on the same day for the same person.  Any insurance benefits you may have available will be applied to the more expensive pair of specs and the 40% discount applied to the second complete pair of eyeglasses.  The second pair of spectacles might be a pair of prescription sunglasses to make driving and boating more enjoyable.  It might be a pair of computer specs to help you through your long workday with less eyestrain and neck ache.  You may want to choose businesslike eyeglasses for your workweek and a sportier pair for the weekend.  Go conservative with one pair and wild with another.  The possibilities are endless.



Now is the time to think about that second pair of eyeglasses.  If your last examination was less than 12 months ago, your spectacle prescription is valid.  All you need to do is stop by and select the frames for that second pair of glasses.  As always, Courtney and Marian will provide you with personalized attention to help you choose the right eyeglass frame for your special look.


It's important to protect your eyes from UVA/UVB rays when wearing contact lenses.  Optimal Sight is now helping you do so by offering $50 off non-prescription sunglasses with the purchase of any contact lenses.

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