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Optimal Sight is your place for unique eyeglasses. Our collection features many exclusive frame lines from around the world. These frame lines include Lafont, Etnia from Spain, Brendel and Humphrey from Germany, Silhouette from Austria, Kliik from Denmark and FYSH from Great Britain. We also carry frames from many of the major companies including Marchon, Safilo, Marcolin and Tura. Frame lines include Jimmy Choo, Flexon, Lulu Guinness and Vera Wang, to name a few.

Personal service is important when selecting eyewear.  Our optician works with each person to assure that their spectacles complement their appearance and their lifestyle as well as serve their visual needs. For more information on the basics of selecting the perfect eyeglass frame, please see the Quick Vision Tips.


At Optimal Sight, we feature the latest technology in spectacle lenses as well as the latest fashion in spectacle frames. Thinner lighter-weight lenses, specialized lenses for computer users, the latest designs in progressive lenses ("no-line bifocals"), and coatings like Drive-Safe and Blue-Protect anti-glare coating by Zeiss are some of the many lens products that we offer to help you "see well and look good". Dr. Saeed and her opticians will recommend lens products based on your spectacle prescription and your lifestyle.


Eyewear styles from classic to cutting edge, the latest in optical lens technology, the most advanced dispensing equipment and one-on-one personal attention at Optimal Sight are all meant to exceed our patients' expectations.



Children's eyeglassesChildren's Glasses

Children are special at Optimal Sight. We carry a good selection of well-made childrens frames. Our childrens eyeglass frames, as well as those for adults, come with a one time, one-year warranty against manufacturer's defects. We recommend polycarbonate lenses, the most shatter-resistant lenses available, for our younger patients. Polycarbonate lenses are delivered with a scratch resistant coating to help reduce scratching.



Tired of squinting when you are driving or outside on a sunny day? Did you know that ultraviolet radiation from the sun has been linked to cataracts? Sunglasses with or without a prescription provide comfort in the sun, protect your eyes from the harmful rays of the sun and help you look great.


We also feature Transitions VI lenses and new PhotoFusion lenses from Zeiss that will change from clear to dark and back again. These photochromic materials are available in many lens designs and materials.


As an alternative to prescription sunglasses we offer custom sunclips with polarized lenses. With a custom sunclip, any frame you choose for your new eyeglasses can provide sun protection with the addition of the clip.


Sunglasses are not just for warm sunny summer days. Reflections from the snow can more than double your danger from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun as clean snow can reflect up to 85% of UV radiation.


At Optimal Sight we recommend polarized lenses for both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses. Polarized lenses eliminate glare from light reflected off surfaces like water, snow and pavement.




Mangled frameEyewear Adjustments


Once you have selected the perfect spectacle frame and lenses, we want to help you keep those eyeglasses looking good and functioning well. Complimentary eyewear adjustments, cleaning and minor repairs are provided without an appointment. Just stop by at your convenience during our normal business hours and we will be happy to assist you.