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1/2 mile west from Jefferson Pointe Mall on West Jefferson Blvd

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IMG 0304 Over 25 Years of History (1989-present)

The foundation of Visions Optical, now known as Optimal Sight, were laid by Dr. Mark Wiggers over 25 years ago. The office was originally located at 3919 W Jefferson. Dr. Mona Dewart. purchased the practice in January 1996 and combined it with her second practice, which originally belonged to Dr. Chester Curry.

Over the years the selection in eyewear improved dramatically, packed with many interesting spectacle frames. Technology in the form of automated visual fields and equipment for beginning determination of the eyeglass prescription became part of the practice.

Summer of 1999 brought the move to the current location and combining of the two practices. The new space allowed for an even wider selection of frames and more technology. The new technology included Optomap retinal imaging, Matrix visual fields, the iTerminal for measuring frames for precise manufacturing of the lenses and the iProfiler, the technology that allows for truly customized spectacle lenses.

In February 2015, Dr. Dewart retired and sold the practice to Dr. Faheemah Saeed, Associate Professor of Optometry, who relocated from Chicago to enter private practice, with the goal of bringing unique eye care to the Fort Wayne community. Dr. Saeed has enhanced the services offered at the practice including Low Vision rehabilitation, glaucoma management, and moderate to severe dry eye disease management to name a few. Dr. Saeed also enjoys selecting unique frames to be carried at the practice to ensure that Optimal Sight continues the ‘Visions Optical’ tradition of unique and exclusive eye wear.

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